Why Do We Need Vocabulary Enhancer in Language Learning?

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Learning vocabulary is a never-ending process. The more words you learn, the more you advance towards fluency. You need to extend your vocabulary further and further to be considered fluent and a vocabulary enhancer helps you do exactly that.

There are certain levels of learning that help you understand how close you are to your desired level such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and fluent speaker. To be considered fluent in a language, for example, English, you need to know over 10,000 words. But people need only around 4,000 words to hold a daily conversation.

As you can see, there is a big difference between being able to have a basic conversation and being fluent. Do you know that an average adult native English speaker can actively use around 20,000 words but their passive vocabulary exceeds 40,000 words?

Acquiring this many words requires a long time. Students often at one point in their learning process, become frustrated as there are big gaps to fulfil to go to the next level. You might feel like you know all the necessary words but still are unable to reach an advanced level. In times like this, a good vocabulary enhancer can be your best friend.

In this article, we will discuss different types of vocabulary enhancer, their functions, vocabulary enhancer online and offline, and many other things. You will find the necessary tips and tricks for enhancing vocabulary and making the process smoother.

So, let’s get started!


What Is a Vocabulary Enhancer?

A vocabulary enhancer means a device that will help you build and improve your vocabulary. It can be a vocabulary builder program, scheme, online app, or game- basically, anything that works for you.

Let’s consider reading. If you develop a habit of reading different types of articles, books, journals etc. to learn new words with context, then this method is a vocabulary enhancer for you. But normally, a vocabulary enhancer means a systematic process that helps you enhance your vocabulary.

Think about vocabulary learning programs. They provide step by step guide on how to improve your skill along with necessary resources, practice materials, wordlists etc. Good learning programs often combine different interactive learning methods so that students enjoy the learning process.


How Does a Vocabulary Enhancer Help Us?

So, a vocabulary enhancer helps us learn more words. Is that all? Of course not!

A good vocabulary enhancer teaches not only the words and their meanings but also their roots, usage, and many other things so that the student can actively use them in their daily life. There are several sectors of language learning in which a vocabulary enhancer plays an important role:

Better Comprehension Skill

Let me give you two scenarios. Both involve reading a book you wished to read for a long time.

In the first scenario, you have a dictionary with you while reading the book. Every few minutes, you need to check the dictionary to find the meaning of a word you just encountered but couldn’t understand. And after reading the dictionary, you go back to your book and read the sentence again to understand it. Sometimes, the meaning given in the dictionary doesn’t fully explain the context, so you have to search online, and maybe use a translator to understand it properly.

In the second scenario, you know all the words beforehand with context. You are able to read the book without any interruption. You understand the gravity of the situations, and the tension, and feel satisfied after completing the book. Which scenario do you prefer?

Vocabulary enhancer helps you learn new words that will actually be helpful in your daily life. You would be able to learn useful words, not just a bunch of words for the sake of learning.

Check out our guide on positive empowering words now!


Express Yourself Properly

How long are you going to use only ‘nice’ or ‘awesome’ to show that you’re impressed? Why not ‘Incredible’? Or ‘delightful’? Maybe ‘Astonishing’?

Your choice of words should be appropriate according to the environment. Three types of environments are mainly considered here: Formal, semi-formal, and informal. ‘Awesome’ is an appropriate word for a conversation between two friends, but not when you are giving a presentation in front of the CEO of a company. Similarly, ‘The documentation of the case study has been performed…’ will be better suited for a scientific journal rather than discussing the progress with a colleague.

With the help of a vocabulary enhancer, you will be able to learn words to express your feelings or ideas with better words. And not only that, but you will also be able to differentiate between synonymous words! It is important for a non-native speaker to understand that even though some words are considered synonymous, they are not appropriate in every situation.

Let me tell you an interesting fact. The words you learn help you understand more advanced level words. So, the more words you learn, the better you will be at understanding more complicated concepts and expressing them correctly!

Understand how vocabulary review activities can enhance your communication skills.


Better Communication Skill

Why does a person want to learn a language? To be able to read more documents? Or to be able to ask for direction when lost in a foreign country?

The main purpose of language is to communicate with others effectively. Our job is not only to express ourselves but also to understand others’ points of view. And for successful communication, having a good vocabulary is a must.

Communication skill is a key factor in the workplace. Due to globalization, many people are going abroad for job purposes or dealing with foreign clients while working in their own country. Having a good command of English is mandatory in these situations. Employers are always looking for people with good communication skills as they will be a representative of the company.

Recruiting officers in such companies choose their candidates carefully. They look for resumes that show impressive use of words and well-organized descriptions of the applicant. Many applicants never make it to the interview because their resumes fail to show their language skills.

Studies show that as the level of your vocabulary indicates your command of a language, it can also predict the level of success or failure you will receive in the professional field. So, a good vocabulary is important for having better jobs too.


Which Vocabulary Enhancer Would Be Suitable?

There are a number of vocabulary enhancer online and offline that can help you build your vocabulary. First, you need to consider a few criteria:

  • Do you prefer an online or offline environment for learning?
  • What is your preferred length of a vocabulary program?
  • How much time are you willing to spend every day on vocabulary learning?
  • How much would you like to spend on such programs?

Because of the modern hectic life, people are more interested in vocabulary enhancer online. They also have many benefits such as:

  • They don’t require additional equipment. Just your usual electronic device is enough.
  • Most of the vocabulary enhancer online have games as vocabulary activities that are enjoyable for students of all ages.
  • They are accessible 24/7 so students can use them at their convenience.
  • Many programs, such as SpellQuiz, offer adaptive learning that allows the students to advance at their own pace without feeling pressurized.

Check these vocabulary enhancer programs below to choose the most suitable one for you:


Spelling City

Spelling City is an online platform that promotes learning with word games. They started their journey in 2008 as an online educational platform and have become a pioneer in this field. It is one of the top destinations for both teachers and students around the world for educational purposes.

There are around 40 types of word games to teach vocabulary. They also offer vocabulary strategies and necessary materials of top-notch quality that guarantee visible improvement. The games involve all 4 basic skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to ensure proper learning. They provide a massive word collection suitable for kindergarten kids to grade 12 students. The collection contains sight words, academic subject-related words and many more.

You can learn more about this platform from the Spelling City Review.


How To Spell

If you are an adult looking for a vocabulary enhancer, then How to Spell is just for you. The platform focuses on helping adults improve their language skills, though plenty of materials for students are also available. They have been in this field for over 10 years providing quality services to adult students.

How to spell offers spelling lessons, exercises, books, and other necessary materials. The lessons include spelling rules patterns, prefixes and suffixes, and the exercises are also divided into these categories. This makes it easier for the student to choose an area they are weak at and improve it.

Don’t forget to check their website for detailed information.



SpellQuiz is an online platform offering a variety of services to provide a complete solution to language learning. The learning activities available here are suitable for all students including pre-kindergarten, K-12, ESL, and adults.

SpellQuiz Vocabulary Test will immensely help you in planning how to improve your vocabulary. The test will estimate your vocabulary range and assign you a grade. You will have a clear idea about your current state so that you can find suitable vocabulary learning activities for you.

SpellQuiz Spelling Test is divided into grades so that you can find a test suitable for your level. The process is pretty simple: you will hear an audio clip that contains a full sentence. Write the sentence with accurate spelling to pass the level. The clips are recorded with professional voice artists, so you don’t need to worry about accents. Instead, you can improve your pronunciation skill!

Are you competitive? Does participating in a competition motivate you to put more effort? Then SpellQuiz Spelling Bee Online is your best friend. It is a virtual spelling bee competition where students around the world compete against each other. There are boards for top spellers of the day, week, month, and all-time. So, participate today and get your name on the boards!

If you are feeling hesitant about joining straight away, try SpellQuiz Practice Test first. This will give you an idea about the digital environment. You can practice as much as you can before joining a real competition.

So, what are you waiting for?

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