Discipline in Education: The Key to Continuous Improvement

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You must have heard this a lot of times that discipline is the key to success. We don’t realize it very clearly, but we have been given the secret to achieving everything in life with that saying. The statement is particularly true when you are thinking about the impact of discipline in education.

Okay, I know, I know, I am being boring!

But there is something that people often get wrong. People think that discipline means to make things boring with soulless repetition.

The proper application of discipline is exactly the opposite.

Having discipline in life means training your subconscious mind to act according to your plan. You can think of it as a technique to master your body and soul to work according to your plan, every single time.

Now, that is a cool “super-power,” isn’t it?

Today, I would discuss how you can utilize the power of discipline to flourish in your academic life.

Having Discipline and Being Robotic Are Not the Same Thing!

Whenever we hear the word discipline, we think of doing the same thing over and over again, until we become another “brick in the wall!”

Well, I can’t blame you guys if you are also living in that delusion. I will have to call society to be the actual culprit behind this falsification.

discipline in education

Okay, I think I am making you confused right now. Let me explain.

To achieve anything in this world, you will need to do only two things and nothing else. Yes, if you can follow a two-step strategy, you will gain anything in this world. The first thing that you will need is to have robust planning and then the second one is sticking to the plan, no matter what.

If you want to stick to your plans to the end, you will have to have discipline in your life.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to run in the hamster’s wheel for the rest of your life. It merely means that you will have to follow a step-by-step action plan until you reach your goal.

You can think of it as a tool to reach every single goal of your life!

The Power of Discipline in Education: Sharing My Experience

Rather than blabbering about the same story on discipline that everyone has been telling you, I will just share my stories with you.

You might not know, but I am an electronics engineer graduating from one of the top universities in my country. During the first two years of studying engineering, I struggled severely as I  haven’t used discipline in education.

However, things improved, and I saw remarkable changes in grades in the later years.

By this time, I knew what to do, when to do, and how to do them.

I don’t want you to struggle as I did, I want you to get to the success-train right away!

Here are some of the positive impacts of discipline in education that I experienced first-hand –

Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety

Exam stress skyrockets when your brain realizes that you are not prepared enough. You will most likely feel terrified thinking about the adverse outcomes. It’s a mechanism for our brains to signal us that we should be more prepared.

discipline in education

If you have a disciplined life, you will not feel such kind of stress before exams. Your brain would know that you are well-prepared and will help you to maximize the final outcome. Psst, you can always reduce stress for a spelling test with ample amount of practice. 

Not Everyone Can Master the Last-Minute Heroic Pull-off

I had a friend who never studied the whole year, but before the final exam, he would turn into an alien and finish off the entire syllabus in just a few days. I think you have such friends too. We all have him or her in our lives!

So, I followed his strategies and skipped regular studies and thought I can also get an A with a “five-day power preparation.”

Guess what? I ended up with a D, and he got A again.

So, if you need more time with your studies, give yourself more time. It’s okay that you are not an alien like your friend!

With the power of discipline, you can also get an A, maybe an A+ too.

Discipline Helped Me to Grow as a Better Human Being

I might sound too generic, but it’s true. As I got more disciplined, I adopted a lot of positive attitudes to polish up my character.

I became more punctual, plan-oriented, strategic as I started practicing discipline in every aspect of my life, especially in my professional life now.

Learning English and Discipline: How Are They Connected?

As you are reading this blog, I think you want to improve your English. Learning English is not something that you can do overnight. It needs a lot of time and practice.

Simply speaking, you will fail to grasp the complete knowledge of the English language if you don’t have discipline in you.

For example, the base of the knowledge of English stands on a sound vocabulary. And, to have a good vocabulary will have to collect as many English words as possible. If things become too complicated, you can try planning the online spelling bee SBO and blow some steam off!

In this case, SpellQuiz can be handy. 

discipline in education

Let me help you with a plan.

Before you start, you should test vocabulary level. Then, come up with a plan and a goal. Let’s say you will try to learn 1,000 words in 3 months.

What you will have to do is to practice about 30 minutes or an hour learning new words. In SpellQuiz, you will find short spelling practice sessions. So, if you follow the lessons for about three months, you will be able to collect more than 1,000 words by the three-month period.

So, how does that sound?

Pretty intimidating, right?

Go on, start your plans today, I am sure you will reap the benefits of discipline in education very soon with this plan.    

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