Spelling Ideas to Practice Spelling for Homework

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Here’s the sad truth — we adults often make the spelling practices so boring that kids lose interest in English spelling in no time. Moreover, kids typically associate spelling with rote memorization. That’s why young ones try to avoid spelling practices — they’re just too scared!

We must find ways to spelling practice sessions more interesting — we need spelling ideas that can create sparks!

I’m sure you’ve searched different online platforms and websites long enough to find a few spelling ideas that your child or student will love. So, here we are with a collection of creative ways to spell words. Hopefully, these ideas will do the trick for you.

10 Spelling Ideas for Our Youngsters!

1. Word Swatter

Our first idea is heavily inspired by fly swatters! Yes, we’d use a fly swatter, and trust me, you two are going to have a lot of fun.

To execute this spelling idea, we’ll need —

  • A fly swatter (obviously!)
  • 20 to 30 flashcards (based on your preference)

First, you’ll write the words you need to practice for homework. You could even use any custom wordlist. But make sure the spelling difficulty of the word corresponds to your child’s age and expertise.

Then, hang the words in a random fashion on the wall.

Finally, you’ll hand over the fly swatter to your child and speak out the words from the wordlist, one at a time. Your child should hear the word and swat the flashcard that has the word on it.

Young children love this game. You’ll be amazed to see your child’s face gleaming in enthusiasm while playing Word Swatter.

2. Word Rainbows

We’ll know that repetition is the key to master English spelling. We can remember a word far better with spaced repetition. SpellQuiz has a detailed guide on how spaced repetition can help us remember a word better.

We’ll use the same principle here in this spelling idea. However, the direct approach might make things boring, especially for the kids.

So, we’ll use one of the oldest parenting tricks — we’ll fool them!

Rather than asking your child to write a word X times, you should give them crayons or coloring pencils.

Then, tell her that you two will create Word Rainbows!

Basically, she should write a word, let’s say mango, using the violet font color, then using indigo, then blue, and so on.

You get the idea, right?

In this way, could write a word multiple times and practice spelling without even realizing it.


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3. Mini Scrabble Spelling Ideas

As you can guess, this spelling trick takes inspiration from scrabble. You can even call it — add-a-letter game. You’ll first write a letter on paper. Your child would then add another word before or after it. Then, it’d be your turn to add another.

Both of you should be aiming at making a meaningful word.

You should manipulate the letters so that your child can come up with a meaningful word. So, it’s a game of scrabble where your goal would be to lose it!


4. Highlight a Word in a Newspaper

 This is one of the common spelling ideas that use vocabulary activities. But we’re using a tweaked version. Here’s the spelling idea — you’ll speak out a word and your child will have to find the word in a newspaper. Then, she should highlight the word with a marker.

Obviously, you should give them simpler words corresponding to their vocabulary size. You could make things interesting by calling it a competition. He who finds 10 words quicker than the other one will win.

Again, you should go slow and let them win more often. This will work as an incentive.

This spelling idea is very beneficial as it fosters the practice of reading newspapers and magazines. And, newspapers and magazines are two of the best resources to build a strong vocabulary.


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5. Arranging Words in Alphabetic Order

This one is pretty straightforward. She will have to arrange the words in a list in alphabetic order. I admit — this sounds like a fairly simpler spelling idea.  

However, often the simpler ideas will bring fascinating results. This will indicate that spelling practices are simple and easy. Plus, they’ll write the words and get more exposure to those words.

We all know that frequent exposure to words helps the child to become a better speller.

It would obviously make them more interested in practicing spelling. You could give them small prizes as incentives too. For example, she could get a sticker for successfully arranging five wordlists in alphabetic order.


6. A Letter Is Missing!

While the name of the game has a mysterious vibe, it’s basically a modified version of a simple fill-in-the-blanks!

In a worksheet, you’ll write ten words but each of the words will have a missing letter. Your child’s goal would be to find that letter to complete the spelling of that word.

To make them interested, you could say that she is a police officer investigating a “missing letter’s” case!

The backstory will foster their imagination and motivate them to solve the cases.


7. Use an Instant Messenger

Your children obviously feel intrigued watching you using your phone all day long. After all, we all are guilty of being to addicted our smartphones to some degree.

Let’s use our instant messengers to practice spelling.

So, in this spelling idea, you’ll basically have chat with your child. You’ll ask them to write a word and she should write it down on your choice of chatting platform. In this way, she would feel more grown-up and would subconsciously participate in spelling practices.


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8. Building Word Skyscrapers

This fun game is almost close to the mini scrabble game that I’ve mentioned earlier on this list. So, in this game, your child will write the words vertically. Plus, the words will lose a letter as ascend vertically.

For example, she should create a skyscraper using the mango in the following manner —






Doesn’t it look like a skyscraper?


9. Paint the Word

Does your child love painting? Great! Then, you could use this spelling idea as it is one of the creative ways to write words.

The idea is pretty simple — would paint the words using different colors. She could add different artistic elements too. This idea will foster their creative side and allow them to practice spelling at the same time.


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10. Using Cookie Sheets

Yes, you can use a cookie sheet for spelling practices. The spelling idea goes like this — use different unorthodox elements to write words on a cookie sheet. For example, you could use Jell-O, shaving foam, rice, flour, ketchup, and even cookie batter.

She would use her fingers to form the words using those cooking elements.


How to Make the Spelling Sessions Fun?

I know many of you are struggling to find the perfect ways to practice spelling words for homework. Don’t worry, you can design different hands-on spelling activities on your own.

Try to use the activities your child naturally loves to do.

For example, if your child loves playing with LEGO, you can use LEGOs for spelling practices. Similarly, you can use barbie dolls, cars, action figures.

But how?

Think of any toy and try to come up with an imaginary backstory that has something to do with spelling. For example, you could say that barbie was kidnapped by an evil witch. To break her free, your child will have to spell five words correctly out of ten.

This might work like a magic.

Then, let’s imagine your child has a Superman action figure. You could say that Superman must fight a villain called Martian Spelling Snake! Try to make silly names as he might find it funny and become more interested.

Now, tell him that Martian Spelling Snake has kryptonite and Superman is in his captivity. But there is a way! If your child can win a spelling contest against the Martian Spelling Snake, the villain will lose.

Remember, your imagination is your best friend.

It doesn’t matter whether your story is believable or not. They don’t care — just try to make things interesting and work on your storytelling efforts.


Spelling Ideas for Older Children

I think you’ve already noticed that all the spelling ideas are only suitable for Pre-K to a first-grader. While these ideas will work like a charm for them, the older children (let’s say a sixth-grader) will never find them interesting.

So, how could help them with spelling?

As they are older, you should stick to the traditional approaches. You can’t fool them to practice spelling. In this case, a dictation-based spelling exercise could help a lot.

SpellQuiz offers the perfect tools in this case. He or she could participate in the spelling tests and exercises on SpellQuiz. The spelling modules are straightforward and designed by experts.

Also, you could track their progress and later can work on the words they’re struggling with.

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