How to Spell: 6 Key Benefits of Online Learning

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A master of spelling is a master of communication. Without the ability to freely and flawlessly express yourself, in spoken and written words, life can be tough! Many adults today find it hard expressing themselves in simple and clearly understandable manner because of lack of ability to spell words correctly. Words are the building blocks of written and spoken communication. People need to know how to spell for them to communicate effectively.

In the classroom, kids who lack spelling ability face difficulties in coping with learning. For such kids, competitive learning is a challenge, and they are always afraid of asking questions for fear of revealing their shortcomings in spelling.

Spelling matters!

Knowing how to spell correctly goes with important things in life.

Anyone would forgive you, if on social media, for using abbreviations like “hw r u 2day? Or Av a gr8 day”, but the same is not acceptable in a professional environment for official communication.

Many adults still struggle with standard spelling for adults spelling in their official lives. Let alone the much harder adult spelling bee words

Why Do People Struggle with Standard Spelling?

Unfortunately, in all literacy skill-building activities, how to spell is the least taught.

But, it remains the most relentlessly tested of all in our everyday life. Good news is anyone can now learn how to spell the easy way and master one of the most crucial skills in literacy.

how to spell

The crux of this article is discussing the benefits of online learning to catch your kids young in learning how to spell.

Moreover, try these spelling tests to master English spelling!

Below are six benefits of using online learning system to teach your kids how to spell the easy way

6 Key Benefits of Online Learning Regarding How to Spell

1. Self Learning is More Interesting and More Fun!

Online learning systems are designed to attract children to study. It makes use of interactive learning tools, like games, to get kids to go along with whatever being taught.

Let me use SpellQuiz phonetics learning system as an example.

The program reads out a sentence to the user and requires them to listen and then write out what was read. It goes ahead to tell them how many words they have spelled correctly and the incorrect ones and then scores them over hundred.

So, you should ask your kids to have a better grasp at these sight words as these are the most commonly seen words in the English language. So, sight words practice can be very beneficial. 

Moreover, The NATO Phonetics alphabet should help you deal with tricky situations.

It challenges the learner to brace up and as humans, we want to score higher and by so doing we give it our focus because success motivates us.

2. Motivation Plays a Big Role

Using online learning tool helps to develop the motivator in your kid. It cements a connection between their goal and learning.

Because online learning systems are designed to show progress, it encourages learners by rewarding their efforts with seeing instant progress.

how to spell

Moreover, it causes them to put in more efforts into their education.

3. Self-Paced Learning

Kids are at liberty to choose their timetable for learning. The system allows learners to pause and continue where they stopped.

Thus it presents an atmosphere of freedom, an essential element in every man’s journey to a successful life.

4. More Practice = Better Familiarity with Words

The way we read is not by reading the whole word, but by the word’s sounds.

Furthermore, phonetics help to cement words sounds in learners’ minds, allowing them to read fluently by calling out the sounds of the words.

Online learning system takes guessing out of learning as it reads out the words first, while the user writes it out the dictation.

5. Instant Correction Means Instant Learning!

Unlike in a normal world where corrections to errors are sometimes postponed or forgotten, online learning has a powerful inbuilt spellchecker that presents instant correction allowing learners to complete the learning process instantly.

It avails your kids the opportunity to have the right answer to the mistakes made, instantly. 

6. More Fluency in Reading and Writing

Phonetics, as taught by online learning systems, use short pieces of text. The method helps learners come up with ideas for essay and stories.

how to spell

It also etches the words in kids’ minds with accurate pronunciations and tests their ability to spell the expression correctly.

No doubts, it promotes the capacity to read and write fluently, making them good communicators.

Where Can You Get Help?

Online learning system such as SpellQuiz phonetics learning will not only teach your kids how to spell; they will also learn the use of grammar as they use the system.

The system is above common mistakes of accepting sound-alike words as a substitute like in the example: “dose” for “does” where the word in the dictation is “does.”

Let’s not forget about the costs of learning how to spell!

While the traditional school system requires so much to teach your kids how to spell, the online system only takes a fraction of what you spend on transportation to the classroom in the traditional education system.

Try this vocabulary tester to understand your current skill level!

So the final decision is up to you!

For spelling practice and spelling tests, you may sign up for a free trial for SpellQuiz phonetics learning system today and secure their future as better communicators tomorrow.

Now you can take part in Spelling Bee online too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today!

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