Spelling Quiz: The Scientific Approach to Master Spelling

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Millennium or Milennium? Playwrite or Playwright? English words can deceive us with spelling quite easily. No wonder why spelling is one of the most hated subjects to the kids. The reason is quite simple; the confusing spelling quiz can be even harder than the math for the kids.

It’s quite a common scenario for the kids to get poor marks in the English exams. Often parents hear their kids sulking – “Do I have to learn spellings?” It sounds really amusing but not for the kids! They are having a hard time, believe me! 

A lot of students even lose the will to study because of their hardship in English spelling. So, what should you do as a parent? Would you tell them not to practice spelling? Yes, that would make the kids really happy instantly. But it will hurt them badly in the long run. Sooner or later, they are bound to learn the spelling.

Spelling Quiz | SpellQuiz

Bad spelling skill will directly harm their writing skill. Misspelled words give a terrible impression of the writer. Any reader will notice the misspelled words before any other mistakes. You don’t want the “Grammar Nazis” to roast your child for the rest of their lives!

So, today I will share how spelling quiz can help your kids to master The English spelling skill and how can they harness this skill.

Spelling Quiz: The Ultimate Weapon against Misspelling

One of the main problems the teachers or the parents face is finding the proper method of teaching spelling. In most cases, the kids are handed over a word book to learn frequent words appropriate for the age and asked to memorize them. This is a direct approach and to be frank quite an awful method.

The reasons for being the direct method awful are quite simple. First of all, its process is not interesting the kids in any way. Secondly, it is a time-consuming approach. And finally, as the learners are not implementing the words in practical use, the method is not sustainable.

Spelling Quiz | SpellQuiz

Imagine, someone told you to memorize the Oxford dictionary and learn all the words with the proper spelling in it! It will sound ridiculous to you as it seems impossible. Well, the kids feel the same way when you as a parent tell them to memorize the spelling from the word book. Nonetheless, the outcome is futile.

So, what is the solution here?

The answer is practising in a different way, with fun and effectiveness. Many online resources or spelling practice online have multiple-choice questions (MCQ) to teach spelling. To me, it is as futile as the direct memorizing. Unless the learner is using the newly learned words in practical cases, it will remain unsustainable. I am going to tell you about an old yet effective approach – dictation!

Dictation vs. Multiple Choices

The multiple-choice practice format typically asks the learner to choose the correct word out of four. Generally, the options are awfully similar. It makes the learner even more confused. It is quite normal to forget the correct spelling and go for the wrong one.

The approach has another problem that has even more dangerous effect in the long run. A learner can adopt the misspelled words. While writing, the unconscious mind of the person can tell him or her that adopted misspelled word is the correct option. As you can see, it could be even another nuisance.

In the dictation approach, the learner hears a word and then writes it down. Here, the phonetics come to play. Dictation actually serves the purpose in many ways – it enhances the listening skill, enriches vocabulary, tests the knowledge of spelling, and writing skills. When a learner writes the words, the knowledge of a newly learned word becomes sustained. 

So, without a doubt, the dictation based spelling quiz is a much better option than the multiple-choice pattern. SpellQuiz understands this factor quite well and has designed the spelling quiz section in the form of digital dictations.

If a student practices in SpellQuiz, he or she can also polish up the typing skill.

The Path Leading to Spelling Bee Championship

Spelling Bee is certainly one of the major competitions for a student. The uber-success of the competition in the USA has led many other countries organizing the competition as well. 

Now you can take part in online Spelling Bee too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today for better lessons on dictation for class 4 or dictation for class 6!

I know that students who dream to participate in this competition have to go through extreme practice sessions. I have seen a lot of books to help the students achieve their goal, but sadly the effort from the digital services is shockingly scarce. Students are frantically searching for a good practice arena.

Spelling Quiz | SpellQuiz

Regular spelling quiz is a must for these students. SpellQuiz also has a different spelling quiz section designed especially for the eager participants. It has different levels of difficulties set for each grade.

The spelling quiz bee pattern in SpellQuiz also has similarities with the Spelling Bee competition. For instance, in the competition, a competitor listens to a word and then spells the word.

As you can see the pattern is quite similar to the dictation format. Both of the cases have a speaker who speaks out a word. In both cases, the participant spells out the word. The only difference is that in the Spelling Bee competition, the participant speaks out the spelling verbally and in dictation, he or she has to write it down. Logically, writing down words is a more sustainable approach while learning new words or practising.

So, I strongly recommend the eager participants to try out the Spelling Bee quiz in SpellQuiz. Regular practice in this format will make them ready to win the battle of spelling.

Using Technology for the Betterment

Earlier we didn’t have the proper tools to educate ourselves as we can now. For example, using word lists, flashcards, going through dictionaries, or reading books or magazines were some of the common approaches to enhance spelling skills.

Today, with the help from the online tools, things are easier than ever. There are numerous online resources you can find with just a few clicks. These methods are more sophisticated and scientific. For example, SpellQuiz has online dictation tools. You can listen to the sentences and type out the whole sentences. After you have typed the sentence. It checks the result instantly and gives you feedback.

If you think about it, such impressive tools were not available just 20 years ago. You would have had to hire a personal trainer to do so.

So, spelling quiz online is a modern and appropriate approach. SpellQuiz also has a detailed analysis section or a report section where you can keep track of the improvement of spelling skills and compare your score to the other participants.

Spelling Quiz for All Ages

Sometimes, we just think that learning English is a thing only for kids. Well, that’s is not entirely true. Every year a lot of adult or high school students all over the world try to excel in English they want to participate in competitive exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. The reason is quite simple – they want to pursue their education future in a foreign country.

Moreover, every year a lot of adults seek to complete their Bachelor or Masters’ degree. In most cases, the universities ask them to have a minimum score in the discussed exams. Without a doubt, spelling is one of the key skills that one has to master.

So, if you are an adult or a high school student planning to go abroad for higher studies, you should try out the spelling quiz for adults or spelling quiz for high school. It is not necessary that only younger preschool going kids will learn to spell. The skill is equally important for the grownups.

SpellQuiz understands this scenario quite clearly. That’s why it has designed a special spelling quiz section for the adults and the high school students.

The Importance of Spelling in Professional Life

The value of better spelling skill will pay you off throughout one’s life. It is not something that you do go through to pass out the exams. It has a direct impact on real life too.

For example, the hiring managers these days are awfully serious about recruiting the proper candidate. So, if you present a CV or resume full of spelling mistakes, the chance of your recruitment will become drastically low. No matter how much skilled you are, your simple spelling mistakes will make you look like an amateur.

Spelling Quiz | SpellQuiz

Moreover, in your professional life, you will have to write countless e-mails, make presentations, and write reports. What will your image be if you struggle to write without spelling mistakes? I can go on and on with the examples. I think you get the gist.

The bottom line is – your impression in the professional field depends on your spelling skill in many ways.

Concluding Thoughts

In the finishing stage, I want to address to the respected parents again. Proficiency in the English language is a must for the kids. English is a global language that can build a bridge of communication. Spelling is one of the pillars upon which the language stands.

It is time you use the more advanced approach of enhancing the spelling skills of you and especially your kids. Spelling quiz could be the divine solution that can help you to do so. 

Also, try this vocabulary test to understand your current skill level! Try the spelling test to master English spelling! Also, don’t forget to check the complete list of spelling words.  

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